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Over the years at Smart Power Systems several breakthrough technologies have developed to meet demanding defence and Industrial applications. A 100 KW 400 MHz static transfer switch capable of transferring power from onr source to another in less than 2000th of a second, a 10KW multi-output (3ph 400 H, 1 KW 28 V DC & 110 / 220 Single Ph 60 Hz) power source weighing less than 1 KG for unmanned aircraft applications are few such examples.

Developed technologies include Light weight multilevel inverter structure, Soft switching high frequency AC to DC and DC to AC converters, Integrated magnetics, DigitalĀ  controllers, Energy management and remote metering algorithms, Resonant soft switched back boost and AC Switches, High density planar matrix magnetics, etc.

These technologies have successfully helped Smart Power Systems to offer reliable products which are used for defence needs, such as Iraq war.









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